In The Media

Every business benefits from media coverage. It helps to build brand recognition, credibility, trust as well as drive online traffic, sales, and word of mouth. As a copywriter, this is my unique area of expertise, my USP that provides added value to my clients and, as a former journalist, I have the background and the knowledge to provide this service.

For some clients, working on media coverage for their business can be scary. It’s unknown territory and you maybe apprehensive about how it will all turn out. That’s where I come in, navigating the way for you. You may not have thought about media coverage for your business, preferring instead to rely solely on your online presence via your social channels, but media coverage can consolidate your business, bring in new customers, and it’s a different way of ‘shouting from the rooftops’.

Media coverage is about storytelling. You may think your business doesn’t have any stories that would warrant getting in the news, but there are always nuggets of information about you and your business that can be turned into great stories, and people love a good story!