What’s the difference between a content writer and a copywriter?
These are two specific skills with different goals that a business may want to achieve. Copywriting is designed to sell or persuade, while content writing is designed to entertain, inspire, or educate. A business conveys its brand through its writing but it’s important to understand the distinction between the types of writing.

Why does my business need a copywriter?
You may think you can handle the copywriting for your business because you are in the best position to understand every aspect and every goal you want to achieve. But just take a moment to think about what would happen if you let a professional take control of the words so you can get on with what you do best, taking care of business.

Why do I stand out as a copywriter?
In short, I know how to write copy. I have a degree in Journalism from one of the finest journalism schools in the world, and with my background in broadcast journalism and marketing, I understand the complex world of connecting with customers. From pithy and powerful copy that has to grab your target market in seconds to longer more complex and research-rich content, I love it all. As added value, I also offer media coverage and run Press Release training workshops for businesses. When you want to talk about your world, there is no better way than increasing your exposure in the media and my media coverage training and expertise, helps you do just that.

How can copywriting help my business?
You may not have given the words attached to your business much thought, but trust me customers have. They have formed opinions about your brand by the way you interact with them, and the words you use to promote your business are the lifeline to connecting, growing and thriving. Copywriting comes in all forms such as blogs, website content, white papers, promotional material, press releases, and social media so take a look at my Services page for all the ways I can help you and your business.

Can you do SEO copywriting?
Absolutely.  When done right, website content writing can boost your visibility, engage with your users, and provide an unique customer journey. Every business should be making sure that their content is SEO-optimised.

How does it work & how much will it cost?
Every project is different, and the cost will depend on how much is involved. The first step is to get in touch and give me a brief description of what you would like. I’ll then come back to you with questions about your business, brand, tone, and expectations. This can be done over Zoom, via email, or on a call, whichever way you feel most comfortable. If you’re local, then a personal meeting is much more preferable. This stage helps me a great deal to understand where you’re coming from, and how we can work together effectively. I’ll then put together a project brief and a price quote which is a fixed fee (so no charging on an hourly rate). The fee will always include these initial steps, research, the first draft, editing with two revisions,  and the final proofreading.

When do I pay you?
When you have decided to go ahead, you will be sent email confirmation of acceptance of my fee, the Terms & Conditions, the timeline, the project brief that we have agreed upon, and an invoice for 50% of the fee. Once the project is complete, an invoice will be sent for the remaining 50%. Payment on all invoices is due within 14 days, and price quotes are valid for 28 days. If you change the brief significantly in the middle of the project, I do reserve the right to review the project fee. If you cancel once work has begun, you will be charged for work that has already been undertaken. On final payment, copyright passes to the client.