What’s your marketing priority?

You’ve started a new business, you want to revive your flailing business, or you want to expand your existing business. When it comes to your goals, how do you work out your marketing priorities? You can’t do it all at once, after all, can you?

Your business requires many marketing avenues that will all lead to your business hub. A marketing strategy, copywriting, blogs, web content, market research, competitor analysis, advertising, press releases, articles, other media coverage, networking, events, social media, promotional material, website, SEO, branding…the list is endless! So many facets to make your business look great and appeal to customers.

Essentially, marketing is about building relationships with consumers through a number of intricate ways, designed to satisfy customers and in the midst of all these marketing components, you obviously have to get out there yourself and build personal relationships because clients like to see the face of the brand, and they like making a personal connection to a product or service they can get behind.

So, are you overwhelmed yet by the amount of marketing tasks there can be for your business? What do you do first? What do you prioritise? What do you put aside because you just don’t have the time? What are you not good at and therefore may intentionally avoid?

First of all, you have to decide what customers or clients you want to engage with, and then look at what they love and what they follow. It’s no use posting on Pinterest if your customers are more likely to be found on Instagram.

“When I advise my clients where to start, I always go to the beginning – having a marketing strategy. This is the nub of your business and where you would like it to go in the next few months, a year, five years.”

And, it isn’t a document set in stone – it’s a moveable feast that is adapted over time, thought about often with consideration, and never left to collect digital dust on your hard drive. You need to feel comfortable with all its facets, and then decide the best avenues to take to achieve your dreams.

Marketing is about relationships – honing them, spending time on them, and shaping them into malleable promises of buying into your brand, your products, or your services. Once you’ve worked on your marketing strategy, choose the avenues you’d like to start with (and of course ask a professional if you need help!).

You may wish to forge more personal connections with plenty of networking events, you may want to get to know other businesses you can cross-promote with, you may feel that your online presence, and in particular Facebook, is the place for your business to settle into and thrive. See where your competitors are, how much success they are having with their different marketing avenues, and then prioritise accordingly.

If I could give one piece of advice which I think is already clear is that you shouldn’t go all out doing everything at once. Pick your battles and you will win your war!

If you need help with your marketing strategy or specific marketing avenues, get in touch:
07812 448664

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