Copywriting Class

Copywriting is an art form. The written content, in whatever guise it takes, increases brand awareness and encourages the person reading it to take a particular action. With the amount of content being created and circulated globally every day, copywriting is an essential part of marketing any business but do you have what it takes to get it right?

Words are my thing. Numbers not so much but words I can do. After my journalism degree, my first job was as a reporter and newsreader on a local commercial radio station. I loved it. Each day was different and I met so many people along the way looking to promote their stories, and their issues.

The majority of the press releases were too long and the actual story was buried somewhere, if it was there at all. And, part of my job was to ignore the noise, find the story and write it up into a brief news piece that was exciting and engaged the listeners.

That’s pretty much what copywriting is about. You need to have exceptional language skills, be a good listener, be curious, and pay attention to the detail. Copywriting is emotional. You’re trying to evoke feelings with the content that you’re writing to persuade the person reading it to feel compelled to think or act in a certain way.

Think of the content just one organisation needs to put out every day in its various forms and the explosion of the internet, social media, and our need to get instant information puts copywriters at the forefront of change, the exchange of ideas, and the swaying of opinion.

“Blogs should be telling a story, creating passion and interest from the reader. Website content should match your market, your ideals, and how you feel about the world. Social media posts should captivate your audience, making them hunger for more.”

Imagine being handed a mediocre press release and turning it into something simply stunning – it’s the same story but the words have been remodelled and moved around to generate a buzz, a hook, an emotion that tells the person reading it they should engage with the story on a deeper level and share it with a wider audience.

Stories can be dull or they can be truly magical. You can tell your story in a thousand ways, and your choice of words lets you be who you want to be in business. The trick is you have to get it right.

If you need help with the copywriting for your business, please get in touch:
07812 448664

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